Locksmithing, Second Edition by Bill Phillips

Locksmithing, Second Edition

Book Title: Locksmithing, Second Edition

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0071622756

Author: Bill Phillips

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Bill Phillips with Locksmithing, Second Edition

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An Updated Guide to Locksmithing

Filled with easy-to-follow instructions, illustrations, charts, and checklists, this updated locksmithing resource covers locking mechanisms used in today's residential, automotive, commercial, and electronic security devices. Whether you want to install a home security system or start a successful locksmithing business, you'll find what you need in this book. Details about licensing and certifications and a sample Registered Professional Locksmith exam are included.

Locksmithing, Second Edition covers:

  • Warded, lever tumbler, disc tumbler, side bar wafer, and pin tumbler locks
  • Locksmithing tools
  • Key-in-knob, deadbolt, and cylinder key mortise locks
  • High-security cylinders
  • Pushbutton combination locks
  • Lock picking, impressioning, and forced entry
  • Masterkeying
  • Safe basics and drilling open safes
  • Bumping keys
  • Key coding machines
  • Closed circuit television systems
  • Access control, alarms, and system integration